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plumber checking hot water tank

Hot Water Tank Replacement

MDO Plumbing, LLC specializes in hot water tank replacement. When your water heater is inconsistent, you’ll suffer from a lack of hot water for showers and other essential household tasks. Hot water is also important in several commercial situations, including restaurants and warehouses.

Water heaters are designed to last for about ten years. Experts suggest replacing them around this time or earlier if they show signs of failure. If your heater doesn’t work consistently, leaks around the base, or makes hissing noises, that could be a sign that it’s not operating at its best. 

We can replace your water heater with a new, more efficient unit. When choosing your new heater, consider its capacity, how quickly it can heat water, its size, and of course, its energy efficiency rating. 

Our team has expertise in plumbing installation, and we’ll install yours securely, with professional-quality tools. Connecting the new tank to water and gas hookups can be challenging, and proper installation requires a licensed plumber’s knowledge and experience.

After the installation, we can visit again to provide maintenance and other plumbing services. Maintaining your water tank will keep it functional for a longer period and save you money on repairs! 

Contact us today to discuss water tank issues and book an appointment for your Peoria, AZ, household!

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